“Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors” is a non-profit organization managed by firefighters and civilians who volunteer their services and are dedicatedto assist those that have been affected by burn injuries. The organization hosts several fund raisers throughout each year in which donations are received and distributed on behalf of each donor to local burn centers and foundations as well as burn survivors and their families.


Please take a moment to support Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors – be a part of this amazing effort! And if it feels good to click it once, imagine how good it would feel to click it EVERY month!!!

As always, Thank You for your continued support.


5 months ago

Firefighters Quest For Burn Survivors

Ani Khachatryan, RN from GBC at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center is currently attending the American Burn Association 50th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois thanks to a grant provided by Firefighters Quest For Burn Survivors!

Ani pictured with #SaveSheila has worked hard to become a ‘burn nurse’. Her passion toward her patients, especially our pediatric population, defines Grossman’s commitment to a higher level of care. #ABA50th #NursesRock #Emon Taihuttu
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7 months ago

Firefighters Quest For Burn Survivors

West Hills Hospital
Coals retain heat up to 12 hours after being extinguished. Be #BurnSafe Extinguish a campfire completely by pouring water, stirring and pouring water again until it’s cool. Grossman Burn Center Grossman Burn Los Angeles Fire Department Los Angeles County Fire Department #NBAW
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First Aid For Minor Burns. West Hills Hospital & Medical Center